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What is PureFocus Mastering?

Mastering is the final creative step in bridging the gap between a musician’s artistic concept and a release-ready CD or digital music file that will translate to all playback environments – whether it be home stereo, radio, or the club.

PureFocus Mastering provides high quality mastering for the digital domain aimed at musicians, producers, and independent labels. Need a track mastered? Have a recording you need cleaned up? PureFocus specialises in mastering Your Sound.

Professional service — online.

PureFocus Mastering brings a straightforward, professional service to you instantly through the online mastering process. All you have to do is submit
your audio files, selecting from a number of simple and secure upload methods. The entire process is interactive, and satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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Experienced and Focused.

PureFocus Mastering is owned and operated by engineer Robin Petras, who performs 100% of the work done in the studio. Robin has received formal training in Audio Engineering and Music Production from one of North America’s most respected institutions. In addition, he has accumulated a great deal of experience and knowledge as an audiophile and music enthusiast. And it doesn’t stop there – Robin is also a respected producer and remixer, with numerous releases spanning a career of almost a decade. Robin’s broad skill set brings a unique perspective to the mastering process, guaranteed to give his clients a product that will get noticed.

PureFocus Mastering is able to work with all types of music, and specialises in modern, high-energy genres including but not limited to:

Check out the Example Work page for before-and-after samples of Robin’s mastering work.