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Services - Professional CD Mastering, Mix Mastering, Albums, Editing, Restoration


Final masters can be delivered electronically to save time and cost. Once your invoice has been paid in full, you will be sent a link to download your password-protected file(s) from PureFocus’ web server.

For a small additional fee, you can have a professional-grade, error-checked Audio CD-R mailed to you which will be ready for sending to the pressing plant if that is part of your plan. CD Text authoring is also available.

All mastering projects undertaken at PureFocus are securely archived offline for future reference if needed.


Anything from vocals to drums, editing work is done efficiently and precisely. Editing work is billed by the half-hour.


Got an old, dirty recording from vinyl that needs cleaning up? Glitches in your recording? Favourite CD full of clicks? PureFocus can help clean it up so it sounds good as new (sometimes even better than new!). Best of all, if it can’t be fixed, you don’t pay. Restoration work is billed by the half-hour.


Since every job has different requirements, PureFocus does not have a fixed rate sheet posted on the website. When you’re ready to submit your project, contact Robin and he will consult with you personally to determine what your project’s requirements are, and prepare a personalised quote for you. The rates are extremely reasonable, that much is for certain!