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The PureFocus client list is always growing, and varies from large, international companies to countless independent artists, producers, and labels.

Labels Using PureFocus

Palms Out Sounds
Party Like Us Records
Motion Music
Long Distance Recordings
Slow Motion
Act Yo Age
Hardcore Coalition
RFU Recordingz
Electronica Exposed
Kreatur Musik
Force 10 Records
Dusk Till Dawn
Sine Digital
Club Concrete
Random Access Recordings
Sunrize Sound
Kanibalz Digitalz
Digital Beatz
Electrik Euphoria
Addictive Vinyl
Ravin Phantasy Records
Pitched Up Recordings
BMG Japan
Motion Music
Kreatrix Evilution

Below you can see some of the recent projects that have been through the PureFocus Mastering studio:

Albums & Compilations:

Swindle Productions – The 140 Instrumentals
Hardcore Addiction
Hardcore Nation: Next Generation (Al Storm Mix, Fracus, Darwin & Jakazid Mix)
Crush On Hardcore 3: Shanty Mix
Crush On Hardcore 3: Invader Mix
Kreatur Musik: Superconductivity
Crush On Hardcore 2: Ruffage Mix
Hardcore Underground 2 (OneFive Music)
Swindle Productions – The 140 Mixtape
Planes, Trains, and Alcohol Bills: A Compilation of Excess (Pitched Up Recordings)
Trance x Trance 80’s – Super Hyper 80’S Trax (BMG Japan)
Hardcore Underground (Krafty Recordings)
Drift Trance (BMG Japan)
Dance Dance Revolution Music Sampler (Konami)

DJ Mixes:

ViVi Diamond – Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend
DJ Cotts – Hardcore Ch00nage Vol. 10, 11, 12, 13
Twisted Freq – Darkest Halloween Tale
Tony Benino – Bunnies Like To Rave
Ruffage – NAHM September 2007
Dave Of The Rave – Piano Classics Vol. 3
Carbon Based – Live at Forms Of Energy
Ruffage – NAHM July 2007
Shanty – Favela Fresh 4
Shanty – Favela Fresh 3
Shanty – Favela Fresh 2
Shanty – Favela Fresh 1
Leela – Hardcore Killah
evolve – Intelligent Design
Girdler Synthetic – For Those About To Drop
Ruffage – NAHM May 2007
Deadfunk – Hardcore Frequencies
The Mexican – Guadalajara Grooves 4
The Mexican – Guadalajara Grooves 3
The Mexican – Guadalajara Grooves 2
The Mexican – Guadalajara Grooves 1
Re-form – Live at Movement 2004
Ruffage & Serenity – Cracking Heads
Carbon Based – Live at Movement 2004
Alek Száhala – Live@Movement 2004


Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – We No Speak Americano
AC Slater – Banger
AC Slater – Party Like Us
Digital_Manges – Manges (OG Mix)
Digital Manges – Give Me A Reason
MDX – Hot & Spicy
MDX & Namito – Road Rage
MDX & Namito – Salt
Element One – While it Lasted
Yamin feat Marcie – No One (Airtight Remix)
Dreas Vs Alex Robert – Mormugao
Yamin Feat Marcie – Forward Motion
Yamin feat Marcie – No One
Ken Ya & Fast Distance – Watch Me Fly
Ketho feat Micheal Calderone – Silent Room
Vadim Soloviev feat Marcie – Stay With Me
Himbo – Dreams
Bulby G – Revolution Remix
Reekay Garcia feat Elesia – I’m About 2
Carlim Sakoo – Angular Distance
Invader feat. Sam Gibbons – Indecision (Orig + DJ Fury Remix)
StrifeII feat Serenity – Just In Time To Catch The Sunrise
Twisted Freq – Hanuman Visits Lanka (Epyx & Cyrez Remix)
Little Fella & Mr-B feat Lil-Kitten – Red Sun Rising
Deadfunk – Drug Collection
enVias – Weekend (VIP Remix)
Epyx & Cyrez – Unohdetut (Twisted Freq Remix)
Twisted Freq – Innocence (A.M.S Remix)
Adam J – Raw Noise
Nick Galea – The Little Things (Mixes)
Tim Jirgenson – Squeeker Master / Poor Little Pinkus
Piper & Elroy – Rackhunter (Sam Gee Remix)
CorDharel – For You
enVias feat. Homer – Spider Pig
Fishy – Hippie Haze
Futurecop! – It Came From Earth / Transformers / Dial 1-800-NY / Class of 1984
21st Century Freeform Warriors – X-10
Ruffage & Size – Demonic Rose
Mertype feat Laura Stone – I Knew All Along
Fourthstate – Beyond Places / Mindfolded / Reality Fault / Night-Life-Time
Scott El – Planet Bass
PTY LTD – Make Amends (Cam Munro Mix)
The Perfecter & RBK – Hafter Massif
Sean Bartley – Body Say Go
Darwin & AJ feat Claire – Shining Light
Buzzmasta – Lenny
G-City – Space & Time
SoundPunX – Who Got Tha Funk
Bassline – So Hot Right Now
Matty Martinez – The Light
Phenex – Never Coming Back (enVias Remix)
E-vade & Sirus – Beat Rocker
Shanty, Tazz & Devastate – DDR (A.M.S Remix)
KC – Highly Toxic Eyes (Ephexis Remix)
Kevin Valentine – Forward / Illusion / The Rail / Sneak Attack
CorDharel – Happyplanet
Little Fella – Rock The Dancefloor (Nu Style Mix)
Atomic Junkies – The Monstersound
Matduke & Lone Star – Why
DJ FunDaBounce – Bounce Attack / Deep Dreams / Time To Fade
XandR – Tachycardia (Original & Jontron Remix)
Ruffage & Serenity – Headlong Into Mischief
Scott Devotion – At Night
Merkurius – We Survive
Deadfunk – Feel Good Inc
Little Fella – If I Were You
K.I.A – Rough Time
Michael Mansion – Real Love
CorDharel – The Little Party Elf
enVias – Submersion
Samba D & Ellie Jay – Sweetness
Sunrize feat Dice – It Aint Over
adone – Sounds of an Angel
E-vade & Sirus – Can You Feel It
Tazz & Hex – Half Ass Rhymes
CorDharel – What Hardcore
Xntrik DJs – Forever Together
E-vade & Sirus – Got The Speed
Marcie – Fallen (Remixes)
DJ Bucky – Lethal Makina
Gobs The Zombie & Belladonnakillz – Yea Hell Yea
Ruffage & Chwhynny – Pretty Pink Flower
V2 – Into The Mix
DJ Sike – I Can’t Go For It
Devastate, Invader & Freestyle – Trigger Finger
No Left Turn – Duff Beatz
Cyrez & Substanced – Lost Souls
Donk Boys – Alien V / Manatee
Substanced – Challenge (Epyx & Cyrez Remix)
Epyx & Cyrez – Unohdetut
Matduke – Purple Sky
Jay Fastraxx & DJ Welshy – Addicted
Pymo – Better World
Kalymero – Are You Ready
Ephexis & Seventy-7 – Quantum Fury
Critical Mass – Happy Generation (Extended Mix)
4 Tune Fairytales – My Little Fantasy (Extended Version)
DJ Sike – Crazy Pills
Steve Hart – Backroom DJs (Fourthstate Remix)
Audio X – Back With A Vengeance
Wonter – Requiem
Darwin & Ant Johnson – Find The Truth
Barley – Hit It / Rock Like This / The Dance / Drop That Beat
Calvertron vs Traced & The Mexican – House Party
Defnoyz – The Fcuk
Audio X – Son of Charly
Scandal & Brookie – WTF
G.S.D.X. – Wizards
Lisa Abbott – One More Night (Remixes)
Phenex & Le Kat – So Naive
JungHeinrich – Niemendall / Naktr / Glove Story
Darwin & Andy L – Falling
Shifter – Devastating
Serna & Motor feat Razy C – Ignition
Whitey – Killer (Phenex Remix)
Twisted Freq – Grim
Mauro Picotto – Iguana (Darwin Remix)
Darwin & Obie – Futureshock
Lost Soul feat Dark Angel – Sacrifice
Fracus & Gavin G – Open Your Eyes To Love 2007
Fracus – I Can’t Stand It
Dougal & Gammer – Fires In The Sky (Darwin Remix)
Sarah McLachlan – The First Noel/Mary Mary (Redxdown Remix)
Tazz & Shanty – The Ascent
Chwhynny – My Love (Darwin HU Remix)
Chwhynny – I Am (Sy & Unknown Remix)
Darwin – Everyday
Twisted Freq – The Elephant King
Tazz & Hex – Half Ass Rhymes
Lost Soul – Come And Get It
Lost Soul – Adversary (Insane Version)
Hujib – Over & Over
Invader & Shanty – Danse Macabre
Im – Boo Bangin
Im – Love You
Im – Rain Delay
Im – Stronger
Im – Blak
Im – Wishes
Capeech – God Bless
Petrol Heads – See 4 Eva (Orig Mix / Cube::Hard Remix)
Kerris Featuring Petra – Open Your Mind
No Left Turn – Hazel Eyes
Reese feat Vicky Fee – In My Dreams (Sunrize Remix)
Traced & The Mexican – Future Tense (Orig Mix / James Nardi & Julian Dwyer Remix)
AC Slater – Make Some Noise (Nik Denton Remix)
Dreas Vs Mike Perry – Arctic Sweep (Original Mix)
Invader & Vandall – Eye Of The Storm (Dave Joy Remix / Original Mix)
Pain On Creation – Religion X
Micken – Possessed
Micken – What You Want
Pain On Creation – Shine
Octagen & Hydroid Present: Hydragen – Within (T4L Remix)
Dreas v Mike Perry – Arctic Sweep
Calvertron v Traced & The Mexican – Main Stage
Alex Calver vs Traced & The Mexican – From The Darkside
Petrol Heads – Looking Out (Orbit1 Remix)
Ben Fable – Stabilizer
C.O.A – Magic People
Sean Apollo – Noise Design (AC Slater Remix)
Sean Apollo & Ionosphere Featuring Treasure – Forever
Milo – Kill You


“PureFocus Mastering offers professional, high quality service for a reasonable price. Finding someone to entrust with this extremely important task is often difficult and very time consuming. Robin’s talent is essential for us at Kreatur Musik in order to ensure the highest quality on our releases. You wouldn’t put the life of your child in the hands of some random pediatrician. Think twice! Don’t waste a good record with bad mastering, let Robin have a look at it and gain the quality every proper record deserves.” -Roger Folke-Olsen (Kreatur Musik)
“It is important, in my case, to have material mastered for both DJ playout (and thus be loud) and home listening (and thus not be overblown and distorted). This delicate balancing act has been achieved by Mr Petras for a while now, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to this task. I certainly wouldn’t dream of putting out an album project without having each track individually mastered prior to mixing, and then the resultant mixes mastered by Robin.” -CDJay (RFU Recordingz / Hardcore Underground)
“PureFocus’ attention to detail, speed of service, price point, ability to follow instructions and quality of work are a key factor when utilizing the services.” -DJ Silver (Happyhardcore.com)
“As mastering is part and parcel in the modern music industry, I always rely on Robin for high quality results. I would highly recommend this service to anyone wanting to obtain that little extra with their materials ensuring a loud and crisp final master.” -Benjamin Handbury (aka Invader, various labels/affilates)
“PureFocus has provided an exceptionally high standard of mastering on all my labels’ releases for 2 years now. The ease of communication, quick turnaround and all-round high level of service are also exemplary. Highly recommended.” - Richard Andrews (Electronica Exposed)
“I make a point of using Robin’s expertise on any job I’m invovled in. Not just that, I insist on it. No one else has been as accomodating, helpful, and achieved such exemplary results, regardless of the obscene deadlines or instructions handed to him.” - James Fraser (The Grey Room)
“PureFocus’s mastering services are an essential part of my production workflow. Robin’s professional attitude, data security and quality of results are second to none and I would not hesitate to recommend PureFocus to anyone looking for mastering services worldwide.” - Hujib (Hyperstomp.com / DigitalHub)
“Robin’s mastering is of an extremely high standard, and is entirely suited to professionally produced music; whatever equipment he’s got I want, but not nearly as much as I want to father his children.” - Gaz Fracus (BMG, Konami, numerous album appearances)
“Robin is to sound quality as Mr Creosote is to Gluttony.” - Oliver Ghalebi (Camel Records, Acoustic Engineer)
“You’re a magician. We should start a TV show called ‘Pimp My Track’.” - Deadfunk (Kanibalz Digitalz, Producer/DJ)